Green Day ‘American Idiot’ iPod case available

Green Day ‘American Idiot’ iPod case available 1

Green Day’s official online store is now offering an iPod case emblazoned with the graphics from its latest album, American Idiot, which has spawned such hits as “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Holiday (Faded Ending).” The screen-printed leather case features a flip-top, PDA-style front cover and belt loop. It works with fourth-generation iPods and has an opening for the headphone jack and Dock Connector port. The Green Day American Idiot case is priced at $35.

  1. I love how he just copied the two top songs off the iTunes “Top Songs” list, ah..”Holiday (Faded Ending)”…makes me laugh.

  2. wow … people will think I’m so anti-corporate and punk-rock with this shiny new baby on my designer belt and my pre-frayed jeans. finally I will earn the respect of the punk kids that I have always dreamed of. I’ll ask my mother to buy me one tonight.

  3. Whoever buys this sure is an american idiot. No pun intended, you seriously have to be an idiot to buy one of these.

  4. wash_jones, welcome to mainstream media.

    but honestly, isn’t this product a little late? i mean most of the tours are over, the general craze is dieing over the actual album, and people don’t care about the story anymore….

    but american idiot is a good story, and it was good for greenday to do it.

  5. Boaguy, lay off. Not everoyne listens to Green Day. He’s just reporting the facts. Not his fault that he doesn’t listen to it.

  6. Wow, you must really hate green day just to post a thread about hating their iPod case. I love green day but seriously, anyone who’d buy the case would be way to obsessed with looking cool or punk, that case is neither. People would think other pplz are dorks to buy that case. And to Lawrence Mikkelsen, you ain’t gonna be judged by wearing frayed jeans and a green day iPod case. Honestly do you know how retarted that would look? People would think you’re a poser.

  7. ok……anybody that said anything bad about green day or their success……u r retarded… day is huge!!!! u r jealous (is that how u spell it?) or something cause the band u like sux and has never done anything great!! i mean if u r not gonna write somethin good bout which should be everythin dont write at all!!!!!
    …………..there…..did i make my point?

  8. does anyone know if the case will hold a video ipod? thanks. (I called customer support and the lady said she thought so, but she hadn’t seen one yet… I didn’t have the heart to tell her I bought one 🙁 poor lady).

  9. I totally agree with GreenDayRox all of you people saying things about green day are just jelous that the band you like are just a bunch of losers and for your info most of those wanna be bands were inspired by green day so

    BACK OFF!!!

    I love Green Day
    so don’t mess with them!

  10. ok…. what r u ppl talking about green day is the best thing that has happend to music and u no it and just cuz u get this case doesnt mean ur a poser ur a poser if u dont no songs like christie road and playtipus (i hate you) and all there old stuff. wow some of these ppl on here should just stop talking!

  11. hello… i love green day… and whant download the movie “wake me un when september ends” and i not have the link…

    help me!!!!!!!!!

  12. wat r u guys doin talkin crap about my band huh? ur just jealous that the band u like sucks ass like u!!! Morons. lol

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