Griffin debuts range of accessories at CES


Griffin Technology has debuted a wide range of accessories for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad at the 2011 International CES. The RoadTrip HandsFree is the latest version of Griffin’s in-car solution, offering a flexible mounting arm for the iPod and iPhone, a built-in FM transmitter, SmartScan automatic station discovery, user-programmable presets, tactile remote control buttons, a built-in microphone, and Bluetooth handsfree functionality that allows users to receive and play calls over the auto’s speakers even if a different device is occupying the built-in dock. RoadTrip HandsFree will be available this month and will sell for $100. The BlueTrip DualConnect is another handsfree in-car solution, featuring a small stem that plugs into a 12 volt accessory power outlet, and the choice between broadcasting music via the built-in FM transmitter or playing audio through the car’s AUX port. Other features include Bluetooth for audio streaming and telephony, and a built-in microphone. The BlueTrip DualConnect will be available in the first quarter and will sell for $100. The Beacon Universal Remote is a tabletop accessory that pairs with users’ iOS devices over Bluetooth, allowing for remote control—via Dijit’s Universal Remote App—of TVs, cable boxes, and other home entertainment components. The Beacon Universal Remote will be available in May and will sell for $80.

Griffin debuts range of accessories at CES

The Arrowhead is a two-piece mobile stand for the iPad and other tablet devices. Compatible with most cases, the Arrowhead consistes of two weighted “feet” that provide a stable platform and feature no-skid pads on the bottom and top, support for portrait or landscape orientations, and internal magnets to hold the two pieces together when not in use. Griffin’s Arrowhead stand for the iPad and other tablets will be available in the first quarter and will sell for $20. The Xpo is also a tablet stand, featuring a folding design, padded non-slip surfaces for a secure grip, the ability to hold a tablet in horizontal or vertical orientation, and a low-inclined holding angle for text input. The Xpo will be available in the first quarter and will sell for $30. Finally, the Wedge is yet another stand option for the iPad and other tablets, featuring aluminum construction, foldable design, included storage sheath, padded, non-slip bottom and cradle surfaces, the ability to lock into three different positions, and a flip-out foot grip for added stability. The Wedge will also be available in the first quarter and will sell for $40.

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