Griffin iFM Radio for iPod canceled

iLounger Larry W. has informed us that Griffin Technology has announced it has canceled the production of the iFM Radio for iPod in an email to customers who pre-ordered. The Griffin website has also removed the iFM from its products page. Click ‘Read more’ for the letter from Griffin.
Griffin Technology Customer Note

The Griffin iFM Radio for iPod has been canceled…

We regret to inform you that production of the iFM has been canceled. You are receiving this because you had pre-ordered the Griffin iFM Radio for iPod.

Here are answers to a few additional questions you may have:

Why was iFM canceled?

There were two basic reasons we were forced to cancel production of the iFM.

First, the iFM for the original iPod relied on the iPod’s Wired Remote Control. This part is no longer available separately from Apple for the Original iPods. Although some of the original iPod models came with the Remote, others would need this part separately. Buying a new Remote is no longer possible because Apple has discontinued it,

Second, producing the iFM for the new 3G iPods proved to be impossible due to technical changes in the new models.  Although the iFM was initially designed for the original FireWire iPods many of our customers owned the newer iPods and desired the iFM for their model.

The combination of these two factors forced us to have to cancel the iFM for both iPod models completely.

Why are you just canceling the iFM now? What took so long?

We have been working very hard to find a solution for the iFM for the new 3G iPods. It was our desire to release for both iFM models at the same time. When
we exhausted all possible solutions for the 3G iFM – that’s when we were forced to make this difficult decision.

Are any of the iFM prototypes available?

Sorry, but no.