Griffin intros iTrip for iPod nano

Griffin intros iTrip for iPod nano 1

Griffin Technology today announced a new iTrip FM transmitter for Apple’s iPod nano. The latest iTrip uses the nano’s LCD display for on-screen tuning, and features a new “sled” design that wraps around the bottom and back of the nano, and securely connects via the iPod’s dock and headphone connectors. The nano slides into the device and stays attached using “patented micro grip technology.”

“Griffin’s SmartDisplay technology seamlessly integrates all functions and features with the iPod nano,” explains the company. “iTrip information is displayed on the best screen in the industry: the gorgeous iPod nano screen. This innovative approach to displaying station and set up information is a first and only available with Griffin products. One touch navigation puts all iTrip functions at your fingertip. This also makes iTrip for iPod nano the easiest-to-operate FM transmitter, ever.”

The new iTrip also features SmartSound volume control, selectable mono or stereo modes, stores the last 3 used station presets and supports US, International and Japanese tuning modes. The iTrip for iPod nano’s introductory price is $49.99 and is expected to ship in November.

  1. well,heres ur solution to the new itrip, for the 5g and nano. think it looks better than the regular one. will it get a better range though because of its size?

  2. I wonder if you will be able to attach a charger to the nano while it is hooked up to the iTrip. If not I think this product is not that great, since the iTrip tends to leech the battery life of your iPod quickly.

  3. That’s amazing…think they’ll do something similar for the 5G? I could se it would be harder considering that the headphone jack and dock ports are on opposite ends…

  4. From Griffin’s product page:

    “A built-in USB port allows iPod nano to charge or synchronize music. Perfect for use in autos or at home.”

  5. I don’t like this. I already have a car charger that uses the dock connector, and in order to use this thing I’d have to pay $50USD for the iTrip and THEN another $25USD for their USB charger. That’s $75USD when I already have a charger. Bad form, in my opinion. I’m still waiting for a better solution.

  6. plus that thing doubles the size of the nano and anyone using a case would have to take it out. it does looks sleek though and using the screen is a great idea. it’s just not perfect ie not worth $50

  7. Actually, I think this is an extremely elegant solution from Griffin and I like the direction they’ve taken in response to the elimination of the powered headphone jack. I’d definitely like to see something like this for the 5G. Yeah, it’s a minor hassle to have to remove the case, but I’d say it’s worth it for an otherwise smart design.

  8. It’s a great design I agree. But as I read these posts, I can see the AirPlay2 to the right…
    Their solution to car charging is just common sense…
    Can’t Griffin make their iTrip like AirPlay with the dock connector at the bottom?
    Please Griffin Please!!

  9. $50, you gotta be kidding? The old iTrip was only $30. How is this worth an extra $20?

    Anyways, for those with an existing iTrip who don’t want to shell-out another $50, the old iTrip basically needs 3.2 volts from the remote port, plus the music signal. With a bit of soldering, and a 99c 2xAAA battery holder expoxied to the back, I was able to get my iTrip to work on the nano, albeit only on a single frequency (the default).

  10. So while virtually every car charger uses a dock connector Griffin gives us a mini USB.

    Why bother with a dock connector pass through if it’s not going to have a dock connector on the other side.

    This “solution” makes my current car charger, Griffin’s own Powerpod, useless.

    And $50 is ridiculous for somthing that doubles the nanos size.

    Back to the drawing board Griffin.

  11. This is totally photoshopped! The image of the black nano is identical to that shown on Apple’s gallery.

    I’d like to see them live up to the November date.

    Good try Griffin, but we ain’t that stupid.

  12. I agree, i don’t want to have to take my tube off every time i want to connect it to the nano iTrip.

    Seems as if the Xtrememac’s AirPlay2 is more practical, but i think the iTrip is better with its ease of use and implementation.

  13. We saw a live prototype in person a week ago. It’s legit. The images here may have been cleaned up for the web, but that’s how the real thing looks, too.

  14. The bigger news is the Grifeen Application running on the Nano ! How is that being done? Has apple finally released an SDK for the iPod ??

  15. My thoughts are that the airplay2 is a better design. Keep it simple seems good. Plus the pass through doc connector seems an obvious winner. Will wait to see the reviews, but my vote at the moment is with airplay2. On the other hand the regular itrip looks much better for the 5g.

  16. In response to having a USB, rather than Dock Connector for power pass through; I like this so much more. I’ve ordered a Boxwave Versa Charger for my car and new 5th Gen iPod. It has a regular USB plug on it. The reason I didn’t get one of the iPod only car chargers is that I specifically didn’t want to have an “iPod only” power source. with this iTrip, I can use ONE retractable usb cable to go from the Versa Charger to my USB powered drvices. I’m happy to see non-proprietary connectors whenever possible.

    Of course, for those who already have chargers, it sucks. Oh well. That’s the world of electronics and progress.

    If they make this for the 5th Gen, I’m sold! It looks a little more secure than the AirPlay2, which just sticks out off the bottom. This is more of a cradle.

  17. i am cool with this design. i had the other itrip griffin fm transmitter connected to my ipod then i saw this so i went to return it. i also have a motorola razr, and the charger for that was working on the itrip so if you have that phone or any other with a mini usb connection then you are good to go. as for the rest of you, sorry.

  18. besides the fact that fm transmitters suck, u will not be able to cahrge your ipod while using it, or use it if ur ipod is in a case.

    crappy product.

    try again griffin

  19. Does anyone know about the ship status of this? I’m trying to get it as a Christmas present for someone, but all of the online stores say “Coming soon”.

  20. I had placed an order back on 12/2/05 with the assumption that the unit would ship starting on 12/10/05. Not so. I finally got a response as to a possible new ship date… Looks like 12/23/05 at the earliest. Does Griffin usually miss ship dates?

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