Griffin responds to DLO lawsuit, denies infringement of patent

Griffin Technology has responded to the Netalog/Digital Lifestyle Outfitters patent infringement lawsuit, claiming that its RoadTrip iPod accessory in no way infringes upon the patent relating to the DLO TransPod. Griffin also said that it has countersued DLO and filed motions to dismiss the case.

“We do not believe that the DLO patent is valid, nor that any of our products infringes the patent,” Griffin’s Jason Litchford told iLounge.

“In 2004 we sued Netalog for a declaration to that effect; that their patent is invalid and not infringed upon. We have filed motions asking that the case be dismissed on those grounds and the Court is currently considering those motions.”

In addition, Litchford noted that Griffin is also in a separate legal dispute with DLO over the recruitment of Andrew Green, former vice president of marketing at Griffin. Green is now DLO’s creative director and marketing VP.

“DLO filed the [patent] lawsuit against us during a period when DLO was secretly recruiting one of our senior managers, which is currently under separate litigation,” Litchford said.

iLounge has contacted Belkin, the other iPod accessory maker being sued by Netalog, and is expecting a statement shortly.