Griffin rolls out Helo TC Helicopter for iOS

Griffin rolls out Helo TC Helicopter for iOS 1


Griffin Technology has rolled out its new Helo TC Helicopter for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Helo TC is a remote-controlled indoor helicopter featuring twin rotors, a lightweight metal frame, a plack polycarbonate body, and an included Flight Deck infrared module that plugs into an iOS device and transmits remote control signals to the helicopter via the Helo TC app. Users can choose between two flight modes—Touch Control, which uses the display to control the ‘copter’s throttle and joystick, and Tilt to Steer, which uses the device’s accelerometers for control—and can also store up to three Flight Plans allowing them to repeat favorite patterns easily. The Helo TC is powered by an integrated, USB-rechargeable battery, while the Flight Deck module is powered by four AAA batteries and connects to the device’s headphone jack. Griffin Technology’s Helo TC Helicopter is available now and sells for $50.

  1. If this works anything like Griffin’s other attempt at iOS-based remote device control, the Beacon, this can only result in disaster. Far worse disaster, since this has the potential to cause injury (to humans and pets) and property damage; the Beacon could do no harm beyond failing to turn on a TV or play a Blu-Ray disc.

  2. I do not recommend this RC Helicopter, After two days of playing the little cables on the tail rotor snapped and of course with out the tail rotor the helicopter became useless, I called the tech support and the said there is nothing they can do about it, and offered me a 10% discount if I wanted to get a new one… Seriously? 10% when I just spent $50.00 three days ago??? Do not Buy it lok for other alternatives.

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