Griffin rolls out new iPod accessories

Griffin has introduced its iTrip Auto SmartScan FM transmitter and car charger, AutoPilot car charger, and PowerBlock AC charger for iPod. Previously shown in our 2008 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide, the iTrip Auto SmartScan features an OLED display with three corresponding buttons and SmartScan technology that finds the clearest FM frequencies automatically, saving them as presets.

The AutoPilot features iPod play/pause and track controls on the charging bulb, as well as an integrated line-output port and an included mini-plug cable for connecting to the auxiliary-input of equipped vehicles. The PowerBlock AC charger for iPod features a compact design, a standard USB connector for charging other devices, and includes a USB-to-Dock Connector cable.

Griffin’s iTrip Auto SmartScan, AutoPilot, and PowerBlock for iPod are available now and sell for $80, $50, and $30, respectively.