Griffin shows new iPod accessories at Macworld


Griffin Technology has announced several new iPod accessories at Macworld Expo, adding to the new products the company announced last week. The PowerDock is an iPod charging base which incorporates four Apple Universal Docks to allow users with multiple iPods and iPhones to charge up to four devices at a time. The PowerDock includes a collection of Universal Dock insert adapters, and will be available in March for $70. The RoadTrip with SmartScan is a combination iPod charger, cradle, and FM transmitter that features a new design, a flexible stem that allows the user to place the cradle in their preferred position, and Griffin’s SmartScan technology that automatically finds and saves the three most clear frequencies for sending the music from the user’s iPod to the vehicle’s FM stereo system. It will be available at the end of january and will sell for $100. The WindowSeat is windshield mount for iPhone that features a high-grip silicone suction pad for attaching the unit to a windshield, a mounting bracket with swiveling ball-and-socket joints, and a corner-release tab. WindowSeat for iPhone will be available in March for $20.

Griffin shows new iPod accessories at Macworld

The company’s popular iTrip FM transmitter for iPod has been redesigned for 2008; the new design works with both new and older Dock-enabled iPod models, and can also be used with iPods inside protective cases. The new iTrip is available now and sells for $50. imageThe iTrip for iPod nano has also received a new design that draws cues from Apple’s 3rd generation iPod nano. The new iTrip for iPod nano will be available in February for $50. The TuneFlex AUX is a cigarette lighter-mounted adjustable cradle and charger for iPod that features a new, universal design that includes a set of snap-on adapters to custom-fit full-size iPod and iPod nano models. Other features include a flexible steel neck, auxiliary output, and an included 3.5mm stereo mini cable to connect the TuneFlex to auxiliary input-equipped car stereos. The Tuneflex AUX is available now and sells for $50. Finally, Griffin introduced its Elan Form Cork case for iPhone. The Elan Cork is a unique cork-covered hard-shell case featuring a snap-together design that combines natural cork with a hard polycarbonate shell. It sells for $30, and is available now.

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