Griffin Survival Kit, TuneCenter Winners, Q&A Announced

Participating in tonight’s live iLounge chat with Griffin Technology, five iLounge readers won huge Griffin iPod Survival Kits full of new accessories, and one reader also won a new Griffin TuneCenter Pro Home Media Center. Griffin representatives also answered iLounge reader questions on a wide variety of topics. A complete list of prizes and winners can be found in the full story link above or below, along with some of the Q&A. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone, including all of the representatives of Griffin Technology, for participating in the chat today!
Grand Prize Winner: Brandon N., Ames, IA (iPod Survival Kit + TuneCenter Pro)

iPod Survival Kit Winners:

Jonathan K., Ashland, OH, Matthew B., Glenview, IL, Peter L., New York, NY, Nathan W., Palo Alto, CA

Griffin’s iPod Survival Kits include:

(1) iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (MSRP $70)
(1) iFM iPod Radio Remote with Dock Connector for iPod (MSRP $50)
(1) SmartShare Headphone Splitter with Volume Control (MSRP $15)
(2) EarThumps Earphones for Mobile Devices (MSRP $20 each)
(1) PowerBlock AC Charger for USB Devices (MSRP $30)
(1) TuneJuice Battery Backup for iPod (MSRP $20)
(1) iFill Internet Radio for your iPod (Full Version, MSRP $20)

Griffin Q&A:

Q: My company would love to do some design work for you guys. How can we get in touch?
Q2: Could i get a design internship at Griffin? 🙂
A: We are always on the lookout for very creative and driven people… [email protected]

Q: I LOVE all of your products! BTW, what was the first product you released?
A: Macsync was the first Griffin Product.

Q: I was just wondering if you knew… how long does it take to get a product to market after coming up with the idea for the product?
A: it could be as little as 30 days.

Silicone skins don’t take a long time. We take more time with items like the iTrip nano, iTrip Auto and Tunecenter.

Q: Griffin, your stuff is so popular. So popular, that there are knockoffs everywhere. I was stupid enough to buy a knockoff of your EarThumps on eBay, and lost my money.
A: We don’t sponsor or support any resellers on ebay.  Watch out next time.

Q: When will the iTrip come to Europe?
A: The iTrip will come to europe when they change their laws regarding FM transmitters.

Remember it’s legal to own it in Europe… just not to use it 😉 Oh, sad news from the shipping dept… the original iTalk has been discontinued.

Q: Have you found it difficult to design around the iPods new form factor (ie; no top connector)?
A: The answer isn’t simple.  But, we love to design new things… the iPod’s connector changes have been an interesting challenge.

Q: I’m a person who likes to blast my music… approximately how loud is optimal on the iTrip to minimize distortion?
A: About 50-75% of max volume… or just below the distortion point.

Q: iFill question – I subscribe to RadioIO and try to record the ad free stream to iFill. It doesn’t work.
A: If you select the stream that claims to be ad-free, it sounds like it might be misnaming by RadioIO or mislabeling by Shoutcast. You might try to Preview the station for a while and see what you hear.