Griffin to release iTalk – iPod voice recorder


Based on my conversations with a Griffin Technology representative at the Mac Expo London, I have discovered Griffin Technology is about to release a new product, called the iTalk. The iTalk is to be a device similar to Belkin’s Voice Recorder, but with more advanced functionality.
Well as you all know i was at the Mac Expo today and spoke to loads of people there. One very interesting conversation was with a man who works for Griffin Technology. He had flown in to show off some of Griffin’s great products, such as the Powermate, iTrip, and the Best of Show RadioShark, which allows you to record radio and schedule the recording of radio shows.

One thing I spoke to him about was upcoming products, which after some prodding, he told me about.

Announcing, the Griffin Technology iTalk!

The iTalk is a device that works in the same way as the Belkin voice recorder for the iPod, but with the following advantages:

  • Better looking and integrated with iPod
  • Better quality microphone for recording
  • Better quality speaker for playback
  • Microphone Passthrough connector to connect a high-quality external mic.
  • Headphone Passthrough connector to listen to recordings through headphones.

    He didn’t say when the product was to be released, but my impression was that it is most definitely going to be released sometime soon.

    Now I think this addresses all of the problems that people have had with the Belkin version, so we should all be glad! By the way, he did say that Griffin had been working with Apple to create this product.

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