Griffin unveils iClear cases for iPod nano 5G

Griffin Technology has introduced its new line of iClear hard polycarbonate cases for the fifth-generation iPod nano. The iClear Sketch features a decorative translucent pattern on the outside of the otherwise clear case, adding an element of personalization to the player, while allowing complete access to all ports, controls, and the camera. The iClear Sketch for iPod nano 5G will be available in a variety of patterns, including dusk, tartan, pipeline, summit, hatch, bloom, landmark, warp, camo, plaid, rampt, baroque and 8-bit, and will sell for $25.

The iClear Shade is another take on the clear polycarbonate case, featuring a graduated tint called an ombre finish that fades from clear at the top of the nano to dark grey at the bottom, adding depth to the color of the player. It will also sell for $25. Finally, the iClear is a completely transparent hard case, offering full access to all controls, ports, and the camera, and Griffin’s EasyDock design for convenient docking. Available alone or with a clip and armband, iClear for iPod nano 5G will sell for $20, or $30 with the armband/clip. Griffin’s line of iClear cases for the fifth-generation iPod nano will be available later this fall.

Update: Griffin has also introduced its new Headphone Control Adapter for the iPod and iPhone. Made to work with the VoiceOver feature of the third-generation iPod shuffle and fifth-generation iPod nano, the adapter features three buttons for track and volume control, as well as a headphone port on one end and a 3.5mm plug on the other, allowing users to connect any set of headphones or an auxiliary output cord. Griffin’s Headphone Control Adapter will work with any iPod that supports transport controls through the headphone jack, and is expected to launch this fall for $20.

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