H2O Audio releases iS2 waterproof case for 2nd-gen shuffle

H2O Audio has announced the release of the iS2, a waterproof case designed for the second-generation iPod shuffle. The iS2 is rated for submersion up to 10ft., and features a patented built-in control pad that provides full access to the shuffle’s controls, even when submerged.

In addition, the iS2 comes with a sport armband, and is fully compatible with H2O Audio’s Underwater Headphones, as well as standard headphones. “Our iS2 waterproof case mirrors the Shuffle’s sleek design and provides inexpensive yet durable waterproof protection for all environmental conditions,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio.

The H2O Audio iS2 waterproof case for the second-generation iPod shuffle is now available for pre-order and sells for $40.