H2O Audio Sport Integration System now shipping

H2O Audio has announced that it is now shipping its new Sport Integration System. The system allows the company’s Ruggedized iPod nano Case to be “quick-clipped” for secure use on armbands, straps, and handlebars. It includes a bike mount that easily adjusts to fit any standard handlebars, a clothing clip that enables quick transfer to and from sports apparel, a strap mount that attaches to back-pack shoulder straps, and a Quick Clip Locking System that enables quick connections with the bike mount, clothing clip, and strap mount as well as with the Ruggedized iPod nano Case armband. “We have thoroughly tested the Sport Integration System for literally every land-based sport,” said Kristian Rauhala, CEO of H2O Audio. “It delivers a practical solution for portability while maintaining the ultimate protection standards we set for all of our gear.” The H2O Audio Sport Integration System sells for $30.

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