Hama shows two gaming pads for iPod, iPhone

European accessory company Hama is showing two different gaming pads for the iPhone and iPod touch at the CeBIT, videos of which have been posted online. The first model is an oversized, steering wheel-shaped pad, while the second is a more compact, case-like pad. Pricing and release information are currently unavailable; continue reading for embedded videos of the products.

  1. I don’t get it. They both don’t seem to do anything just hold the iPod. I was expecting extra buttons or a D-Pad or something not just an overgrown case.

  2. Yeah, these seem stupid, unless you have trouble both holding the iPod Touch/iPhone and using it at the same time.

    However, right now this is all third-parties can do, as Apple doesn’t let third-party developers create external control pads for either device. Somebody did put together an external controller, and hacked in support for it to a jailbroken iPhone, but you can’t really sell a product like that unless it will work with ‘regular’, non-jailbroken devices.

    Hopefully, Apple will let developers do this, as it would greatly expand the capabilities of the iPhone/iPod Touch as a gaming device.

  3. That kind of defeats the whole idea of a PORTABLE gaming system! You can’t really stick that contraption in your pocket, can you?

    I hope some guy didn’t spend his life’s savings developing this guaranteed flop.

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