Harman Kardon launches new iPod gear

Harman Multimedia has announced several new iPod products that it will debut this week at Apple Expo in Paris.

The new accessories include the JBL Micro Radial ($130), a smaller version of the hoop-like docking iPod speaker system with IR remote; JBL On Stage Micro ($100), a circular-shaped portable speaker system that can be battery or AC powered; JBL Spot ($300), a skinable speaker system that uses different colored shells; and JBL Spyro ($100), a 2.1 system with flower-shaped speakers.
Harman also announced several earphones and headphones, including the JBL Reference 210 earbuds ($40), JBL Reference 220 earphones ($80), JBL Reference 410 headphones ($80), JBL Reference 420 headphones ($150), JBL Reference 510 headphones ($150), JBL Reference 520 headphones ($300), and JBL Reference 610 headphones ($200).

The company is also now selling three pairs of in-ear earphones made by Etymotic—the HK EP 710 ($100), HK EP 720 ($150) and HK EP 730 ($200).