Hear Griffin, Belkin, XtremeMac recorders, directly compared

To help consumers interested in choosing a fifth-generation iPod- or second-generation iPod nano-compatible recording device, iLounge has posted a set of three audio files that will help you make direct comparisons between all of the current and soon-to-be-available options. All three files were recorded at the same time using new iPod nanos, with Griffin’s final iTalkPro, Belkin’s TuneTalk Stereo, and XtremeMac’s MicroMemo placed next to each other on identical angles.

Each device is set on high (stereo) recording mode and given an opportunity to use its built-in automatic gain control feature, if any, to record audio at close and increasingly far distances, with slight ambient background noise. The files are:

Belkin TuneTalk Stereo Uniform Test
Griffin iTalkPro Uniform Test
XtremeMac MicroMemo Uniform Test

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