Hex intros watch band for iPod nano 6G

Hex intros watch band for iPod nano 6G 1

Hex intros watch band for iPod nano 6G 2

Hex has introduced its new watch band for the sixth-generation iPod nano. Made from silicone, the watch band features full coverage for the nano thanks to a pop-in, pop-out design, including push-though button covers and an audio port cover, open access to the nano’s screen, and a buckle closure. Hex’s new watch band for the sixth-generation iPod nano is available now in nine colors and sells for $25.

  1. I think that this will be perfect for running/jogging. It will be nice to be able to have handy access to the iPod controls; something not possible with an armband or with the device clipped to a shirt.

  2. I got a Nanotch. Even if I had seen the Hex before I wouldn’t be able to hold out till 12/20. Although they do know how to package!

  3. Nanotech is horrible!! The silicone ripped on me after a week and the nano kept popping out. So pissed I got a nanotech before seeing these..

  4. I recently bough the red Hex watch, and it was NOT what I was expecting. The color is kind of a drab light red color, sort of like a pencil eraser. It isn’t the bright red color that would so nicely complement my red iPod Nano. So far, the Hex customer service team has been unresponsive about accept a return after two requests, so buyers should beware!

  5. I got one too and it also ripped was not happy at all. I decided going with a leather one and found this really cool one on etsy. Not sure if I can put a link on here but the name of the shop is Joe V. Leather. I’ve been getting allot of compliments on it.

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