Hidden Panorama mode found in iOS 5

Hidden Panorama mode found in iOS 5 1

Hidden Panorama mode found in iOS 5 2

Programmer Conrad Kramer has discovered a hidden Panorama mode inside the Camera app of iOS 5. According to Kramer’s Twitter account, activating the feature is as easy as changing the key for “EnableFirebreak” from “NO” to “YES” inside the com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist file. Speaking with Gizmodo, Kramer said that the feature only works on the iPhone 4 and later devices, as it is dependent on an internal gyroscope. This file is only available for editing to those who have chosen to jailbreak their devices; however, it does serve as proof that the feature exists, and suggests that Apple may plan on activating it in a future update to iOS 5.

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  1. Makes you wonder what else the iPhone is capable of already. It’s marketing genius, really; build all this stuff into the device but only unlock certain features until there’s a lull, then “Hey guys, guess what we came up with (6 months ago but we didn’t want to tell you.)”

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