Higher-power iPhone charger will only be available initially with new iPhones

Following reports earlier this year that Apple is likely to begin including a higher-power, 18 watt USB-C power adapter with 2018 iPhone models, Mac Otakara (via 9to5Mac) now reports that due to supply constraints, the new adapter will only be available bundled with the actual iPhone models, and not initially available to be purchased separately. According to the Mac Otakara report, Apple’s manufacturing partners will be running at full capacity just to make the adapters to be packaged with the new iPhone models, leaving no room for additional adapters to be produced. Of course, the upcoming 18 watt adapter is far from the only USB-C adapter capable of charging newer iPhones at full speed; Apple’s own 29W USB-C power adapter is already sold separately, and there are a large number of third party adapters already available, so the lack of initial availability of the new adapter shouldn’t be a problem.

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