Hitachi Maxell has unveiled its Audio Transmitter/Dongle for the iPod, one of two new Bluetooth-enabled products featuring SRS WOW HD audio and bass enhancement technology. The adapter connects to the iPod via Dock Connector, allowing audio from the iPod to be processed with SRS WOW HD audio enhancement before being transmitted to any Bluetooth enabled headset or speaker system. The WOW HD process, which according to the company provides “improved sound quality and restored fidelity to all files residing on the iPod,” can be turned on and off via a small SRS-branded button on the dongle. The second product is a Bluetooth 2.0-enabled stereo headset, which processes received audio using WOW HD before playback. “We wanted to work with SRS Labs because they are an industry leading audio provider with proven high quality sound techniques,” said Akio Mishima, Manager, Brand Business Div. at Hitachi Maxell. “SRS WOW HD audio and bass enhancement incorporated into our new Bluetooth devices provides significant sound improvement for all types of audio content commonly stored on portable media devices.” No release date or pricing information has yet been provided for the new products.

Charles Starrett

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