HomeKit-compatible ecobee Switch+ smart light switch available for pre-order, ships at end of March

The much-hyped ecobee Switch+ smart light switch will be landing in stores on March 26, ecobee President and CEO Stuart Lombard announced at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. The Switch+ uses far-field voice technology to provide voice control and is HomeKit-compatible, allowing users to control lights, music and other smarthome devices with Siri. The device has motion sensors and daylight sensors so that the lights can be activated by movement in a room or automated based on the time of day, and a remote sensor feature is coming later in 2018 through a firmware update, which will allow the Switch+ to use sensors to report room temperature to ecobee thermostats. It also has a nightlight feature, but sadly no dimming functionality. The switch also doesn’t work with two-way lights, so the light where it’s installed needs to be controlled by a single switch. The Switch+ is available for pre-order now and will ship later this month.

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