HomePod could gain Calendar support with iOS 11.4

Apple’s HomePod may be gaining Calendar support in parallel with the release of iOS 11.4, 9to5Mac reports. The addition of Calendar support would presumably allow users to interact with their iPhone Calendars app using Siri in much the same way as they currently can directly on the iPhone itself — something that has been conspicuously missing from the HomePod since it was released earlier this year. Currently, HomePod allows users to access messages, Reminders, and Notes from the primary user’s iPhone, but the HomePod set up screen included in the iOS 11.4 betas now displays the Calendar app icon during the “Personal Requests” stage of HomePod set up, although the text description still doesn’t mention it, and it currently isn’t functioning as it likely requires a corresponding HomePod software update, for which there is no developer or public beta available.

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