Honeywell debuts Lyric T5 HomeKit-enabled smart thermostat

Honeywell’s new HomeKit-enabled Lyric T5 thermostat ($150) will allow users to control their home’s temperature from anywhere with Apple’s Home app or using Siri voice controls. Priced $50 lower than Honeywell’s previous Wi-Fi thermostats (currently on sale) and $100 cheaper than ecobee’s ecobee3, the Lyric T5 features a touchscreen display, allows for scheduling up to 7 days in advance, and provides push notifications to warn users when their air filter needs changing or when the inside of the house reaches extreme temperatures. The device also uses a phone’s location to track when a user is headed home, changing the temperature in anticipation of the homeowner’s arrival. The Lyric T5 is available for preorder on Amazon, but is currently listed at $249 on that site instead of the $150 that Honeywell lists on its homepage.

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