Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong has revealed its pricing and service plans for the iPhone 3G in Hong Kong. Following precedents set in various other countries, Hutchison will offer tiered pricing on the iPhone 3G, based on which of the four iPhone Tariff Plans the customer chooses for his or her 24-month agreement. With the HK$498 (roughly $64) plan, which includes unlimited data and 2,200 basic minutes, the 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for HK$0, while the 16GB model will run HK$138 (~$18). The 8GB iPhone 3G will run HK$938 (~$120) with the HK$328 (~$42) tariff, which includes 500MB of data and 1,500 minutes, while the 16GB model will cost HK$1,738 (~$223). With the HK$268 (~$34) plan, which offers 500MB of data and 800 minutes, the 8GB model will cost HK$1,738, while the 16GB model will cost HK$2,538 (~$325). The 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for HK$2,938 (~$377), and the 16GB model for HK$3,738 (~$479) with the most affordable, HK$188 (~$24) tariff, which offers 500MB of data and 500 basic minutes. All four plans include unlimited on-network SMS messaging, as well as a limited number of credits good toward access to 3-provided multimedia and text-based content.

Hutchison will begin taking pre-registrations for the iPhone 3G on July 1, and will kick off iPhone 3G sales in Hong Kong with an “iPhone 3G First Day Sales Gala,” with attendees randomly selected from pre-registered customers. “iPhone 3G will herald a leap in mobile data consumption. Customers will love using the revolutionary iPhone 3G to explore the mobile Internet and exchange information while on the move. We foresee that the new generation customers will no longer go after call plans with excessive call minutes; rather they will look for price plans that offer them complete ease of mind when consuming mobile data. We are enabling customers to fully embrace the mobile Internet world by redefining mobile tariffs with four data-centric price plans that are ideal for mobile data consumption,” said Amy Lung, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile, Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong.

Charles Starrett

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