iBooks 1.1 to offer iTunes Digital Booklet support

Apple has posted a new Knowledge Base document revealing that iBooks 1.1 and iTunes 9.2 now support the sync of iTunes Digital Booklets to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. According to the document, users simply need to select the desired iTunes Digital Booklet from the Music library, click Get Info, change the Media type to Book, and hit okay. The Digital Booklet will then be moved to the Book library, and can be synced like any other book. Apple has already released iTunes 9.2, and is expected to release iBooks for iPhone and iPod touch alongside iOS 4.0 on June 21.

  1. That kb article also says:

    “iBooks is not compatible with original iPhone or iPod touch (1st generation).”

    I guess that means that the iBooks app will be available for iPhone 3G users after all.

  2. I don’t think there was much doubt of this. Considering iBooks will require iOS 4 and the only devices excluded from that are the first generation iPod touch and iPhone. 3G gets the upgrade, just not every bell and whistle like multitasking.

    Still, its quite lame that first-gen iPod touches and iPhones can’t use a book reader. I mean, my old iPod touch ran Kindle, eReader.com’s eReader and Stanza beautifully…

  3. Maybe I’m dense, but I don’t see how one is supposed to import PDFs into iTunes and thus the iBooks application (something which is supposedly now enabled).

    Is there an article I’m missing?

  4. It’s absolutley possible to import PDF “books” into iTunes now (v9.2). But that doesn’t mean they will sync to your iPad.

  5. @ LBY3, I imagine you will be able to sync PDFs to iBooks in the same way that you sync files with Pages, Numbers, Keynote and other apps such as AutoDesk Sketchbook – there’s a space on the first tab in your iPad screen in iTunes. Alternatively, I guess it will be under the Books tab when they update iBooks, though as that’s dependent on iTunes 9.2, my guess would be it’ll be the first option.

  6. I just finished trying this. I successfully converted all my Digital Booklets from Music to Books. They now show up in the Books area of iTunes 9.2. I have updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4 and downloaded the iBooks App. When I look at my sync options under the iPhone in iTunes, the Books tab shows all of these booklets. I select Sync All and…nothing. None of the booklets shows up in iBooks. I went back in and tried a Sync Selected and selected all booklets. Still nothing. I downloaded the iLounge iPad Buyers Guide 5 as a PDF. I use iTunes and Add To Library. Now the Buyers Guide shows up in Books and under the Books tab right next to all those digital booklets. I sync again. Now I get the iLounge PDF but still no booklets. What is up with this? Is anyone else having these issues?

  7. i upgraded os 4 and downloaded latest itune 9.2
    then as suggested tried to change option in info tab, but every item under info tab are disabled.
    i downloaded free books of sherlock holmes, and then tried info tab. but no luck, everything still disabled.. any help?? am i doing anything wrong?

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