Lithium House is now selling a new line of iCel portable power packs for iPods that offer up to 200 hours of extra playback time. The company has also released power sources for the JBL On Stage and Altec Lansing InMotion that enable you to use the speaker systems on the go.

iCel power packs for iPods, speaker systems available

The iPod models include: iCel 201 ($100) – 50 hours of runtime, iCel 202 ($150) – 96 hours of runtime, and iCel 205 ($200) 200 hours or runtime. The 201 and 202 models are palm-sized and have 1-2 hour recharge times, while the 202 is larger and carries a 1-4 hour recharge time. It appears that the iCel power packs require a FireWire cable.

The iCel portable power source for the On Stage comes in three models: iCel 401 ($100) – 10 hours of runtime, iCel 402 ($150) – 20 hours of runtime, and iCel 405 ($250) – 50 hours of runtime. The iCel for the InMotion speaker system is also available in three options: iCel 201 ($100) – 18 hours of runtime, iCel 202 ($150) – 36 hours of runtime, and iCel 205 ($250) – 100 hours of runtime.

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