iControlPad available for pre-order, ships next week

Under development since 2008, the iControlPad, a Bluetooth gaming controller accessory for the iPhone, iPod touch, and other pocketable devices, is now available for pre-order. In addition to offering standard controls—including a digital d-pad, two analog nubs, six face buttons (ABXY and select + start), and two rear buttons—the iControlPad features a side clamp system that allows it to cradle and hold a variety of devices, and also offers support for a variety of Bluetooth protocols for maximum compatibility. Other features include a 1500 mAh battery that can charge a device via USB while playing, upgradeable firmware, and support for both jailbroken iOS devices and stock iOS devices via keyboard mode—although it remains to be seen how many games will support either configuration. The iControlPad is compatibile with all Bluetooth-capable iPhone and iPod touch models, and is available now for $75; shipments are expected to begin on February 16.

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