iFrogz launches first visually customizable earphones

iFrogz has expanded its Earpollution line of audio accessories with three user-customizable styles of headphones and earphones. NervePipes and Fallout are over-the-ear headphones, each offering 40mm drivers, a frequency response of 30Hz to 20KHz, and 1.2 meter cords. Users may customize five different pieces of NervePipes, including the headband, sidepieces, hinges, speakers, and ear cushions, while the Fallout-style headphones offer similar customizability, save for the hinges. The Hype earphones offer customizable base and rim parts, and all three styles can be customized with artwork as well. iFrogz customizable NervePipe, Fallout, and Hype headphones and earphones are available for order now and sell for $35, $35, and $20, respectively.

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