iHome announces iH69, iH70 iPod computer speakers

Following their debut in The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, iHome has officially announced its iH69 and iH70 computer speakers for iPod. Both the iH69 and iH70 feature two separate computer speakers, one with a built-in iPod dock that can charge, play, and sync all dock-connecting iPod models without the need for separate wires or a standalone dock. The iH69 and iH70 feature high-fidelity Reson8 speaker chambers, a computer port, sync switch, volume controls and a headphone jack. The iH70 adds higher wattage producing speakers and a full functioning remote control. Evan Stein, Vice President of Marketing with iHome, said, “The new iH69 and iH70 are a perfect marriage of sound and design, and with their charging and sync capabilities, they are the ideal, all-in-one speaker solutions for the Mac or PC that will consolidate space and bring iHome’s advanced sound technology from audio speakers to computer speakers.” The iHome iH69 and iH70 will be available soon and will sell for $100 and $130, respectively.

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