IK Multimedia at 2012 CES: iOS Audio Accessories

It looks like IK Multimedia has been pretty busy leading up to the 2012 International CES; it had three brand new iOS-compatible audio products to introduce at this year’s show. iRig Mic Cast ($40) and iRig Mix ($100) are both scheduled to be released this month. The former is a monaural condenser mic specifically made to record speech, and is designed to be especially useful for interviews and podcasts, somewhat unusual given the quality of the microphones in Apple’s devices these days. It connects to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch’s headphone port and comes with a stand. iRig Mix, on the other hand, is a DJ mixer made for use with two iOS devices. The accessory gives you full mixing control, allowing for complete turntable replication. It works with IK’s free iRig DJ application, as well as many of the other popular DJ-related apps in the App Store.

Finally, there’s iRig Stomp; the company’s billing it as the first stomp box guitar interface for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It’s a pedal version of the iRig and interfaces with the AmpliTube apps. It’s designed for live performances, and will ship in April at a cost of $70.

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