IK Multimedia debuts iRig PRE mic interface

IK Multimedia has released the iRig PRE ($40), a universal XLR microphone interface for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Users can plug any microphone with an XLR connector into the device.

The iRig PRE comes with an adjustable gain control, 48-volt phantom power, and an audio output jack.

IK Multimedia debuts iRig PRE mic interface

Two free apps for the iRig PRE are available for download: iRig Recorder, for voice and field recording/editing, and VocaLive, a multi-effects processing/recording app.

Power is supplied by a 9V battery, which offers 30 hours of battery life when used with dynamic microphones, and 10 hours with phantom-powered condenser studio microphones. The iRig PRE is available now.