Ikea to partner with Apple on AR app that places virtual furniture in your house

Ikea is planning an augmented reality collaboration with Apple to let customers see what the company’s furniture would look like in their houses, Digital.di reports. The company expects 500–600 products to be available in the app at launch, allowing users to see what the items would look like in various spots around the house, with Michael Valdsgaard, digital transformation manager at Inter Ikea Systems, saying they have the technology down to being accurate within a millimeter. “This will be the first augmented reality app that allows you to make reliable buying decisions,” Valdsgaard said.
Ikea already uses 3D models instead of actual product photos in its catalog, making it able to port those renderings directly into the app with no extra work. The as-yet unnamed app is expected to launch with iOS 11 in the fall — around the same time the company is planning to roll out HomeKit support for its complete range of Trådfri smart lighting products — but Valdsgaard said the actual abilities at launch are unclear because of the tight deadline. When asked if the app would be tied into online shopping functionality, he said, “It is our ambition, but I can not promise that it works in the first version. Ideally, you could put a sofa in your home with the help of the app, and then with one click add it in the shopping cart on the ecommerce site.” [via 9to5Mac]


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