iLive rolls out iPod, iPhone sound systems

iLive has introduced several new sound systems for the iPod and iPhone. The iS809B and iS819B are wireless speaker systems for iPod. Both units’ speakers operate over the 2.4 GHz frequency, with RF remotes for control flexibility, and the ability to operate on either AC or battery power. The main control units feature an integrated iPod dock, clock, line input, and in the iS819B, an AM/FM radio. The iLive iS809B and iS819B wireless speaker systems for iPod will sell for $130 and $150, respectively.

The company’s new “Works with iPhone” certified offerings include the iSP209B, a small portable speaker unit, the iSP389B, a combined tabletop clock and speaker, and the iSP809B, a HD radio and speaker system with iTunes tagging. All three of the systems offer alarm clocks and included remote controls; the iSP209B is programmable to wake to the iPod, while the iSP809B has dual alarms. iLive’s iSP209B, iSP389B, and iSP809B iPhone-compatible systems will sell for $80, $100, and $150, respectively. Finally, the iCP689B is a new clock radio for iPod, offering IntelliSet automatic time setting, an AM/FM radio with 20 station presets, dual alarms, and an included remote control. It will sell for $100; all of iLive’s new speaker systems are expected to ship this spring.

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