iLounge 2008 Readers’ Choice Awards update


Voting is still open for our 2008 Readers’ Choice Awards. This quick 4-question poll lets you name your picks for 2008 iPhone + iPod Application Developer of the Year, 2008 iPhone + iPod Game Developer of the Year, 2008 iPod + iPhone Accessory Developer of the Year, and favorite new Apple media player of the year. With thousands of votes already counted, here are some updates on the current standings.

The iPhone 3G continues to maintain a strong lead in the best new Apple media player of 2008 category, with a mere 1.4% of all votes coming from write-ins. By comparison, the Accessory Developer of the Year award is hotly contested: literally 0.1% of the vote currently separates the current leaders, Griffin Technology and Logitech, while write-in candidates command nearly 18% of the vote.

Significant write-in campaigns are also helping developers in the Application and Game Developer of the year categories, which are currently being led by Pandora Media and Gameloft, but with days left to go, anyone could win these Readers’ Choice Awards. Cast your vote through this link, and recognize the best companies and Apple devices of the year!

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