iLounge adopts subscription model, establishes hourly Q&A fee

Bowing to industry pressures and hoping to boost income from its widely-read iPod and iTunes web site, has announced substantial changes to its free content offerings, refocusing heavily on revenue-generating measures. Effective 9:00PM PST today, April 1, thousands of previously free pages on will be locked, and made available only on a pay-per-page or monthly subscription basis. “Having watched the experts at Napster and RealNetworks practically mint their own money with similar plans,” explained Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief of iLounge, “we decided to bet the company on a similarly great idea. Soon, users will be able to unlock the site with individual ‘iLounge Keys,’ sold for 99 cents per page, or monthly ‘iLounge Gold’ site-wide access for only $12.95. Everyone else is trying to sell something to Apple fans, so why not us?”

“Too many times, we’ve passed up opportunities to make an easy buck,” said Dennis Lloyd, Publisher of iLounge, “so starting now, we’re going to change that.” In addition to starting an all-nude version of its popular iPods Around the World photo galleries, the site will begin to publish reviews written by accessory and service providers, and open its Discussion Forums to endless quantities of viral advertising and astroturfing. Lloyd also disclosed that Ask iLounge, the site’s weekly Q&A column, would be cancelled in favor of ‘iPod Buddies,’ a $65/hour consulting service where iLounge editors or high school students (as available) will offer in-person or telephone iTunes assistance and music recommendations to needy readers. “We think that these changes will ultimately benefit both us and our readers,” said Lloyd and Horwitz, “and if they don’t, at least we’ll be able to enjoy the nude photo galleries.”

Update: Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! Expect a real announcement soon!

  1. capitalist sods…. oh… hah hah just as i thought… u should hav made the sign in button more believable allowed people to type in their names….

    after all of these comments if it is not a april fools joke…

  2. YAY!!!! Nude IPODs in exotic locations, no slip covers or protective sleeves!!!! Kinda dangerous though isn’t? No telling what kind of scratches they may pick up in foreign lands….
    Can’t wait to read the reviews by the manufacturers, I know they have our best interests at heart!
    Sign me up, I’ll take two!!

  3. If its a April fools joke, then its not funny.

    If its not a joke, you guys are retards and you will lose visitors.

  4. Jeremy, seems fair. I’m in for the monthly Gold subscription.

    BTW, my new 100GB touch screen iPod arrived today. The screen fades to black when it’s off like it is supposed to, but when it wakes up – it tries to automatically connect via wi-fi to my home network. How do you turn that feature off?

  5. I keep clicking the login box and it keeps sending me here. Am I not good enough for your precious “gold member” status?

    I’ll pay extra…………….

  6. If I get the [b]gold,[/b] can I have Jeremy read all of the recent posts to me via a podcast?

    Very funny, welcome to April!

  7. Sorry but not funny. Is it because there is no new iPod news and no keynotes around at the moment? Nude iPod gallery sounds a great idea though.

  8. Guys, I’m really disappointed.

    This is SO BLATANT. I expected something at least a little more subtle.

    I mean, come on. . .”open ourselves up to viral marketing”?

  9. ROFL! The iPod nude gallery was a nice touch, especially for those who aren’t looking for these things.

    Every April 1, I look forward to all the crazy things websites come up with! Thanks for not disappointing me! 🙂

  10. What about : “Update: Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! Expect a real announcement soon!” ?

    Expect a real announcement soon? I mean, if you guys are really thinking on taking this project foward you might be shooting your own feet.

  11. hey guys, if anyone believed this prank then your the stupidest person in the united states!!!!!….. hey, thatd make a good tv show…

    This is the series starter of the stupidest person in the united states(music plays)and this is our host, Hunter!!!!!!!!!!(everyone claps)
    Hunter:What is you talent, contestant?
    contestant:i believed this thing on a site called ilounge
    Hunter:good job!!! you just became the stupidest person in the united states !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (audience claps)

  12. Still getting used to the comment pages, eh Jaque? lol

    I actually believed it till the nude iPod part… yeah right. Good one. lol

    Umm… new news soon…??? Is that part of the joke?

  13. Apple users must be smarter than everyone else, because every other site that has April Fools jokes get these dumb emails and comments from people who think it is real.

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