iLounge debuts free 2007 Accessories Guide in iPod format

As a fun experiment – still in progress – iLounge has just released the 2007 Guide to New iPod Accessories & More, an iPod-formatted downloadable guide to the major new iPod accessories and announcements from this year’s Macworld Expo and International Consumer Electronics Show. Developed using Mogopop – a web site that leverages Apple’s iPod Notes feature to create downloadable packages of linked text, photos, and videos – the Guide features videos of Apple TV and iPhone, numerous pictures of new iPod accessories, and details on their vendors, all viewable on a fifth-generation iPod. It’s intended as a “carry it anywhere” version of our Expo coverage from earlier this month.

“The Guide is the most ambitious project yet published to Mogopop, showcasing the scope and scale of what the Mogopop system can tackle,” explained Kara Berklich Weber, co-founder/VP Strategic Development, Mogopop. “With photos, videos, and dozens of pages of useful, informative text, the New iPod Accessories Guide is just the sort of content our users want in a portable format. This will dramatically improve anyone’s next accessories shopping trip.”

The new Guide is free for download, and available now from this link. Follow the link, download the Mogopop Manager, connect your iPod, then download the Guide and install it on your iPod with the Manager.

To find the Guide on your iPod, start at the main menu, pick Extras, then pick Notes. Please note that limitations of its design – for instance, the requirements that pictures and videos be linked, rather than embedded – are limitations of Apple’s iPod Notes software; we’ve tried to make the Guide as easy to use as possible given these constraints.