iLounge Debuts Free iPod Book 3.0, with 14 iPhone Exclusives

iLounge Debuts Free iPod Book 3.0, with 14 iPhone Exclusives 1

So far, 2007 has been slow. Today, it’s speeding up. iLounge is proud to announce the release of The Free iPod Book 3.0, the third edition of our popular guide to All Things iPod and iTunes. Some big news: The iPhone’s in here. Take a world exclusive look at the entire first wave of iPhone accessories – car, case, and charging add-ons from Belkin, dreamGear, Griffin, Marware, Power Support, V-Moda and XtremeMac. Click on the headline for more details, on the links to get your copy of the Book, or here to tell a friend!


Single page, best for printing (18 MB PDF)

Double page, best for monitors (18 MB PDF)

Alternate Download Links:
Download Print Version
Download Wide Version

To save to disk, right-click and save.

Of course, there’s incredible iPod, iTunes, and Apple TV coverage inside, too. The Free iPod Book 3.0 includes the world’s first look at Ultimate Ears’ groundbreaking quadruple-driver UE-11 earphones, comprehensive iTunes and iTunes Plus tips, and the latest details on making the most of your Apple TV. Our All Things iPod Guide has been updated, as well: it’s only part of this amazing 230-page book.

Download it now – it’s 100 percent free, and in PDF format. For additional details, click here to see the full story. And please do your part to share the Book by hosting it on your filesharing network of choice. Enjoy!

  1. On page 162, the book reads, “Hold Control-Option on a PC or Command-Option on a Mac when connecting your iPod…”.
    Last time I checked, my PC doesn’t have an “Option” key. This may be a typo that is worth correcting.

  2. Good catch karsten, and thanks for pointing it out. That particular reference has been corrected.

    In reality, as of iTunes 7, either CTRL-SHIFT or CTRL-ALT works on a PC. CTRL-ALT was intended to bring it in line with the Mac key sequence of CMD-OPT, and CTRL-SHIFT was left in for backward compatibility.

  3. Great job, iLounge! I’m loving the book!!

    Too bad I didn’t win the contest 🙁 Sigh. I wish I lived near a beach

  4. It looks great as always. Nice job. Interesting that you switched from landscape to portrait (I downloaded the “print”version as I prefer seeing one page at a time; I have no plans to print a copy).

  5. Outstanding production…just gets better and better.

    My wife hates you though, I always find half-a-dozen must-have products.

  6. Glad to hear all the comments, keep them coming!

    Yakov: The amount of time it would take to link everything in the Book would be crazy. Start with the over 1,300 rated products and go from there – we’d need to insert several thousand links by the time we were done. The alternative is simple: anything you see in there is accessible via the Search / Advanced Search box found at the upper right corner of every iLounge page.

  7. OK, turns out that there are no clickable links (outside of the ads) in either downloadable version. this sucks! there should be links to reviews and also maybe the product’s official web site or announcement, whenever you discuss a product.

    Everything else about your book is COMPLETELY WONDERFUL. I can’t believe I didn’t know about playlist folders and the print function in iTunes!

  8. Hey… the book is superb. It looks great as always. There is one thing that makes book 3 better… I won the contest, and I am filled with happynes. Thank you iLounge for everything. iPhone will not work with my network and that is the big problem. So I hope we will find the way to solve that. I love you all. Nikola Savic

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