iLounge posts white iPhone 4 review addendum

iLounge posts white iPhone 4 review addendum 1


After checking the newly-released white iPhone 4’s body, camera, and proximity sensor for previously reported issues, iLounge has just posted a detailed addendum to our prior full-length iPhone 4 review. Nearly 20 new photographs and many new pieces of information can be found inside. Despite the similarities between models, we did find differences in the two handsets that interested readers will want to check out before taking the plunge. You can read our full review here.

  1. One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing would be pics of the two different colored iPhones plugged into Dock Connectors. I’d like to see the white iPhone paired with its matching white Dock Connector. Just a small request 😉

  2. So according to Consumer Reports it isn’t thicker… Are you posting a correction, or are you officially disagreeing with CR? Take a stand.

  3. The white unit we have is definitely thicker than the black one. Without question. Manufacturing tolerances? Apple making a post-release change to the black one? Unclear. But there’s most certainly a difference.

  4. How did u find the GPS? The killer feature that can enables a whole eco-system of Location aware apps!!
    In India, GPRS is the biggest bottle neck. Even the Airtel Mobile Office plan sucks!! Lets hope the 3G launches soon.
    BTW, The beautiful thing about Apple in general and iphone in particular:
    Its a TopDown approach: user experience comes first, software is designed to support it and hardware built to support software. Apple tries to control the entire stack and hence delight users. Everything works(out of the box)
    The competition doesn’t have this luxury(or take this path) They design software for a given hardware and design user exp. over a given software.(BottomUp approach)
    PS: Is there some way through which i can make the iphone beep when there is a unattended call or its on low battery?

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