iLounge releases the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide

iLounge releases the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide 1

It’s back: the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyers’ Guide is available for download today! Since 2004, iLounge’s famous Buyers’ Guides have given readers a comprehensive look at the growing worlds of Apple products, and our latest edition focuses on the pocket-sized iPod and iPhone families. The 2013 Guide features 208 pages of exhaustive information on the devices — including their histories — in addition to the best new accessories, apps, and games. Winners of our Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice Awards are also featured in the guide. Additional details follow the download links below.

iLounge releases the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide 2

iLounge releases the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide 3

iLounge releases the 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide 4

New features in the new Guide include smart advice on the eight current iPhone and iPod models, an updated color comparison chart for every iPhone and iPod model, a look at the initial collection of Lightning accessories, and a new section on the best ways to repurpose your old iPhone or iPod.

There’s also an in-depth comparison between iPhone and iPod cameras, a comparison shopping feature offering assistance on where to buy the devices, top Bluetooth speaker recommendations, and the year’s best 100 games and apps for the iPhone and iPod. Also included are brief sections on the recently announced iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad, and what’s new in the world of Macs.

Our 2013 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyers’ Guide is available in a computer- and iPad-friendly wide-screen version, a single-page version suitable for printing, and a small-screen version for viewing on the iPhone or iPod touch. We recommend that iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users download the Guide to their computers, then drag and drop it into iTunes for reading in iBooks. Each version is completely free for iLounge readers, and distributed in PDF format for maximum compatibility across devices. Feel free to share the Guide by telling a friend, or hosting it on your file sharing network of choice. Enjoy!

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