iLounger creates iPod coffee table

imageiLounger Ashley Burrows let us know that he recently finished his iPod inspired “iTable.” He said it was a project for his A-level Design Technology course and that it took months to complete. Burrows was kind enough to share the process of building it along with a handful of photos, including his initial illustrated design.

“Basically, I started with a square frame built out of pine (this made the sides) and then glued a piece of MDF on the top,” Burrows said. “This gave me a five-sided cube kinda thing. To curve the edges I used a hand plane (yeah, it did take about 30 hours to do the curves) and a shaped block covered in sandpaper.”
“This left me with the basic shape,” Burrows said. “Then I routed out a rectangle for the screen and cut a rebate for the Perspex to sit into. I then cut the perspex to fit and sit on the rebate. I masked out the apple logo and frosted the rest of the glass so the logo remained clear. I then made a box that fit under the screen and contained several blued LEDs and painted it in a white gloss. This reflected my lights upwards and out through the perspex. I then primed the surfaces and sanded them down to a flat surface. I used auto paint and gave it probably 4 coats and then lacquered it when dry.”

“The headphones were made from two separate pieces of pine on the wood turning lathe I then screwed the two together and countersunk the screws,” Burrows explained. “I would also have added the wheel and made the other two legs USB connectors if I had more time. Also I would have loved to implement some forum users ideas of ‘adding a Mac mini and flat screen’ to make it function as a giant iPod. But who knows, in the future with the correct funding I may make a wall mounted jukebox in the shape of an iPod in the way they mentioned.”

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