iLuv announces WorkStation Series for iPad


iLuv has announced the WorkStation Series, a new line of docks and cases designed to provide iPad users with a PC computing experience for business and productivity purposes. The iMM737 WorkStation Dock provides a docking station for the iPad with a wired laptop-style keyboard that includes dedicated iPad function keys and a tilting and rotating bracket that allows the iPad to be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. The iMM517 WorkStation Pro provides a more advanced solution with a Bluetooth keyboard and integrated speakers.

For mobile use, the WorkStation series includes the iCK826/iSK912 Professional WorkStation Portfolio case with detachable Bluetooth keyboard and the standalone iBTKB20 WorkStation Bluetooth Keyboard, both of which include laptop-style keys for improved typing capabilities and dedicated iPad function keys. Prices for the iLuv WorkStation Series range from $50 to $180. Most of the accessories in the WorkStation Series will be available at select retailers this month with the iMM737 WorkStation Dock coming in November. As of press time, iLuv had not released photos or offered web links for the new lineup.

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