iLuv rolls out new video, Bluetooth iPod add-ons

iLuv has introduced several new iPod accessories, including the i1255 Desktop
iPod/DVD Player, the i399 Bluetooth Audio System for iPod, and the i720 and i730 Bluetooth/FM Transmitters for iPod. The i1255 is a combo desktop DVD player with built-in iPod Dock that also features on-screen display for navigation of the iPod from a TV screen, remote control, and compatibility with DVD, VCD, MP3 CD, Audio CD, and Kodak Picture CD. The i399 is a 2.1-channel audio system with an integrated iPod Dock that utilizes BluePin II technology to enable communication with Bluetooth devices from up to 300 ft. away. Other features include jAura sound technology, a built-in woofer, speaker phone capabilities, a rhythm-sensitive blue LED, FM tuner, and an auxiliary input for other audio sources. The i720 is a Dock-connecting Bluetooth hands-free transmitter that features a small display for caller ID and iPod and iPhone controls on its body, and also functions as a FM transmitter. Finally, the i730 is a Bluetooth hands-free car kit for the iPod and iPhone that features a Dock-connecting base for charging and a FM transmitter.

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