IME launches iPod docking system for autos


Integrated Mobile Electronics has announced that its IME Docking System is entering production and will be available in 6-8 weeks. The IME Docking System is a modular, integrated automotive docking system for the iPod, Zune, and SanDisk Sansa. The system uses a universal base that secures to the user’s center console, dash, or wherever they would like to have their player placed in the car. Interchangeable docks connect to the base to allow compatibility with the various players, while customized dock inserts provide exact fits for the different models of each player. The entire system connects, via auxiliary inputs or adapters, to the car’s factory or aftermarket head unit. A full list of compatible aftermarket stereos and factory units is expected soon. The IME Docking System is available for pre-order now and sells for $250, additional docks are $90. For a limited time, the company is offering a 15 percent discount on pre-orders, simply use the code IMEDOCK07 to see the discount.

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