With Apple’s special iPhone-focused event only a week away, leaks of supposed packaging and parts have continued to appear online, some increasingly dubious—a reason we haven’t been posting everything that’s flooding in these days. In a recent post at TechnoBuffalo, pictures of alleged “iPhone 5” packaging from HDBlog clearly show the “iPhone 5” name on the side of the box, with an angled picture of the new iPhone on the front. An Apple logo can also be spotted on the edges of the box. However, both the iPhone edges and box dimensions look off, there’s no iCloud logo to be seen, and the font doesn’t seem quite right, either. Other supposed box images for “the new iPhone” look equally suspicious for different reasons, including decidedly un-Apple-like text, and iPhone screenshots featuring YouTube, an app that’s already known to have been pulled from iOS 6.

Impending iPhone launch inspires fake box leaks

Though it should go without saying at this point, this is just a reminder that faked images and details tend to increase in number immediately ahead of new Apple product launches, so it’s important to take late-stage rumors with an extra grain of salt. Bogus packaging leaks ahead of June’s release of new MacBook computers contained wildly inaccurate specifications, making Apple box “leaks” especially suspect.

Phil Dzikiy

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