Incase pays homage to Japanese legend

Incase pays homage to Japanese legend 1

Incase has designed a limited edition iPod case for the grand opening of Tokyo’s second Apple Store, which opens its doors on Saturday in the city’s Shibuya district.

“The case is a tribute to the well-known bronze statue in Tokyo that honors the dog Hachiko, who was the faithful pet of Dr. Eisaburo Ueno (a professor at Tokyo University),” explains the company. “After years of commuting to the university from the railroad station where Hachiko would wait for him, Dr. Ueno died from a stroke while at work in May 1925. For the next 9 years, the dog would loyally return to the station and wait for the return of his owner.”

Incase said a select number of people will receive one of the Shibuya cases for free case on Saturday and then it will be sold for $39.99 at the Shibuya Apple Store location only.

  1. not only does the case look sweet, but there is an awesome story behind it about the loyalty of a dog and his master…

    touching in its own way…

    i jus thope i can find one of these cases on ebay or somehting..they are sweet

  2. Ok, why won’t incase make a 60GB version of this case shape. I love the design, but I know I’ll never get it. I just love the leather and the covered corners…HELP!

  3. The case is one-size-fits-all, but does fit a 60GB iPod – take a look at today’s Backstage entry for a shot with one inside of it.

    Admittedly, you don’t get as much protection at the top as you might with a thinner iPod, but it’s close.

  4. how can I get one of these? I wish we could buy one in UK. Love it to bits. If ANYONE finds out where we can buy one please tell!

  5. alphahn,

    Typically, you can acquire anything from Japan as they are facile in getting it to you here in the States. However, I see now where they are selling exclusively through Apple stores–this is big mistake on their part, as it limits their market.

    It looks to be a very high-quality, well-designed case.

  6. hope this doesn’t count as an advert, but i have TWO for sale! highest bidder gets one! also, i have pix on my blog from the Shibuya opening. See the second half of my August 9 entry (title Fri/Sat). i live in japan, btw…about an hour and change from tokyo.
    Note! My Xanga is not always work/school safe! today’s status is…questionable 😉

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