Incase unveils new 5G leather and neoprene cases, nano neoprene colors

Incase today announced a series of four new iPod 5G and nano cases, continuing with designs that have previously proved popular. The company’s new Leather Folio 5G ($35) inverts the traditional PDA-style case with a front lid that opens fron the bottom, sealing closed at the iPod’s top with a Velcro flap. A flat belt clip on the case enables users to open the case upside-down on their belts for easy screen and Click Wheel access. Premiering in black, the case is planned for December Apple Store availability.

The company’s separate Leather Sleeve ($30) surrounds the 5G iPod in stitched black leather, yet uses mostly clear guards that both reveal and protect its screen and Click Wheel – the Click Wheel guard offers unique edge and center button detail. A flap on the top seals closed with Velcro, while a flat belt clip on back permits easy belt mounting. Leather Sleeve will be available in December.

Incase has also unveiled three colors of Neoprene Sleeves for 5G iPod ($25), which like the company’s earlier Sleeve for iPod nano (iLounge rating: A-) use impressive plastic accents on their fronts and backs, plus clear screen and Click Wheel protectors. The same unique edge and center button details from the Leather Sleeve are included on the Neoprene version, and a flap closes at the case’s top. Black, blue, and pink versions will be available in December. Finally, the company will release new pink and blue versions of its iPod nano Neoprene Sleeve ($20) to match all of the 5G version’s colors.

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