Intellitouch has introduced its new Eos Converge line of wireless audio products. The Wireless USB Transmitter will allow users to transmit audio from any computer connected via USB, can accept audio from other sources via an auxiliary input, and can transmit to up to four receivers. It will sell for $99. The Wireless iPod Transmitter is a dock for iPod and iPhone featuring an auxiliary input and the ability to transmit to up to four receivers. It will sell for $129. The Wireless Receiver is designed to receive audio from any Converge transmitter and connect to a main home audio system, theater system, or amplified speakers. In addition, it offers function buttons to allow remote control of playback and track functions on an iPod or iTunes, and sells for $89. Finally, the Amplified Wireless Receiver can receive audio from any Converge transmitter, and features a high-quality digital amplifier to power any traditional speakers, along with playback and track remote buttons, and a sub-output for connection to a powered subwoofer. It will sell for $149. Release dates for the new Eos Converge products have yet to be announced.

Charles Starrett

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