International iPad 2 online sales open with 2-3 week wait time as U.S. shipping waits fall

Apple is in the process of launching its online sales across the 25 countries slated to receive the iPad 2 tomorrow. As noted by iLounge reader Michael W, online ordering is now open in in Australia and New Zealand—orders are slated to open at 1:00 a.m. local time in each country where the product is launching—and new orders are showing a 2-3 week estimated ship time. Mac Rumors adds that Apple typically maintains separate distribution channels for its North American, European, and Asian markets, thus shipment estimates in the countries where online orders have yet to begin could be different. Meanwhile, Apple has dropped its estimated shipping wait time for new iPad 2 orders placed on the U.S. online store from 4-5 weeks down to 3-4 weeks, suggesting that the supply shortages seen for the device in its first two weeks of availability may be starting to subside.

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