InvisibleShield combines screen and vision protection with Glass+ VisionGuard

InvisibleShield has announced [Glass+ VisionGuard1], an advanced new screen protector for the iPhone X that features a new Eyesafe technology layer designed to block harmful blue light, promoting better eye health. Glass+ VisionGuard was developed as part of a new partnership with Healthe2, a health technology company that develops products specifically designed to filter high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices, incorporated the new technology into a screen protector with InvisibleShield’s powerful impact protection.

According to statistics cited by InvisibleShield, the average American now spends more time in front of screens than they do sleeping, which can lead to digital eye strain, dry and irritated eyes, and poor sleep. With a significant portion of that time spent looking at smartphones, InvisibleShield and Healthe are hoping to take mobile device protection to a new level, allowing user to keep both their screens and their eyes safe from harm.

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