One of the many smaller but welcome new features in iOS 10 that wasn’t mentioned in yesterday’s keynote will be the ability to remove most of Apple’s own built-in stock apps from the iOS Home Screen, using the same process as deleting third-party apps. The ability to remove these apps is seen in the iOS 10 beta and has been noted by Apple. Not all apps appear to be eligible for deletion, however, including both obvious exceptions like Settings and App Store as well as apps that have a more “core” function such as Wallet, Camera, Photos, Activity, Clock, Phone, Messages, and Safari..

iOS 10 now allows users to remove most of Apple’s own built-in apps

Built-in apps deleted using this method will be removed from the device entirely, in the same way as any third-party app. Apple has already published App Store versions of first-party apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Music, Maps, FaceTime, iTunes Store, Videos, Weather, Stocks, Calculator, and more.


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